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Manveer Bhullar

  • Toronto, Ontario
    • 647 648 5605
    • ManveerSB@Gmail.com


    AWS API Gateway, Cloudfront, EBS, EC2, IAM, Inspector, KMS, Lambda, RDS, Route 53, S3, Secrets Manager, Snowball, SNS, SQS, VPC
    GCPGCE, GKE, GCS, GAR, GCR, Cloud Logging, Secret Manager
    LanguagesPython, Golang, JavaScript, Typescript, Bash, SQL, HTML, CSS,
    Containerization & OrchrestrationKubernetes, Docker, Helm, Terraform, Tilt
    CI/CD & Automation Jenkins, Octopus Deploy, Github Actions, Drone (Harness), ArgoCD
    Infrastructure as Code:Packer, Ansible, Cloudformation, Terraform
    Monitoring & Alerting:Datadog, Pagerduty, Runscope, Graphite
    Version Control:Git, Mercurial
    Miscellaneous:Minio, Wiremock, Astro, TailwindCSS, NPM, DaisyUI



    Senior Cloud Engineer (Jan 2022 -- Present)

    Toronto, ON

    Implemented comprehensive CI/CD solutions at all stages, including script development, pipeline creation, infrastructure as code, and ongoing maintenance. Used tools like Terraform, Helm, Drone (Harness), and Github Actions to automate infrastructure provisioning, ensuring efficient, consistent, and scalable cloud deployments.

    Led the integration of Tilt to empower developers with rapid microservice development capabilities. This removed any environment setup time, enabled instant iteration during development via live updating containers, a 90% reduction in CI/CD test times, and allowed for consistent environments across development and production.

    Managed Kubernetes clusters while applying best practices in deploying, scaling, and troubleshooting containers. Orchestrated containerized applications using Kubernetes, Helm, and ArgoCD.

    Integrated valuable tools such as gRPC protobufs, MinIO for GCS emulation, and WireMock for mock services.

    Maintained detailed documentation, optimized configurations, and adhered to best practices when implementing services or tools.

    Significantly contributed to a large-scale initiative to transition a legacy monolithic application to a microservices architecture through containerization and modern CI/CD practices, all while ensuring zero disruption to existing customers.

    Wrote Python and Bash for operational tasks, providing support to developers across Linux, MacOS, and Windows platforms. Also, contributed to internal tooling and libraries.

    Successfully executed a migration of container images from Google Container Registry (GCR) to Google Artifact Registry (GAR) and implemented GKE Image Streaming as an early adopter, addressing undocumented technical challenges.


    Build and Release Engineer (Aug 2017 -- April 2021)

    Toronto, ON

    Responsible for increasing rate of deployments to production, maintaining build and deploy pipelines, improving product stability as part of the OnCall roster, ensuring SLA uptime, and implementing DevOps culture.

    Orchestrated end-to-end CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins and Octopus Deploy for efficient application delivery.

    Served as release manager for the monolith core application, collaborating with stakeholders from multiple teams, defining processes, writing patch runbooks, and handling maintenance windows.

    Supported move from local to hybrid infrastructure by building new pipelines, reviewing architecture, and provisioning resources in AWS. This includes managing EC2 instances, securing S3 buckets with KMS encryption, migrating data to S3 using Snowball, crafting secure IAM policies, managing databases in RDS, and writing Lambda functions.

    Led migration from graphite/graylog to Datadog, including; writing MVPs, presentations, right sizing, setting up dashboards, installing agents and tracers and communicating with Datadog techs.

    Built monitoring dashboards, alerts, policies, and runbooks using Runscope, Seyren, Pagerduty, Datadog.

    Used Cloudformation to automate infrastructure for efficient, consistent, and scalable cloud deployments.


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